Educational Philosophy


As a classically minded program we teach students the fundamentals and rules of each subject (grammar), the ordered relationships between each subject (logic), and how the grammar and logic of each subject can be clearly expressed (rhetoric).  We believe that all students have the propensity to learn. Our instruction is infused with teaching students how to think, and how to think about thinking! 


Philosophy of Teaching

 Our philosophy is holistic and takes into account spiritual health, cognitive abilities, social acumen, emotional stability, and individual projected educational outcomes of each of our students.  



 Through the act of discipleship and relationship, teachers partner with parents to build a biblical worldview. Our classrooms strive to be a reflection of the truth we teach as we interact within the school community.


Teaching with Cognition in Mind

As modern science works its way to the front lines of education, we now know more than ever how important it is to teach to the whole child.  In order to create an environment that reaches the whole student, we must be aware of and in-tune with cognitive development as well as social and emotional health.  It is our goal to accomplish this through providing differentiated instruction whereby the use of visual, auditory, and hands on instruction will work to teach to a variety of learning styles and create connectedness to the learning process.  


At Firm Foundations Academy, we recognize that all students are blessed with a variety of strengths and their projected academic outcomes will vary greatly. School can be a difficult environment for students who struggle to learn in a traditional manner. It is our goal to build structures within our academy that promote the educational success of all students. The desire is to meet students where they are, set projected learning outcomes, and provide the means for students to grow in confidence, knowledge, and in the joy of learning! 


Social Thinking

Other aspects that are important to a functional learning environment and healthy student body are the social and emotional health of the students.  Our learning environment promotes community building and teamwork, yet strives to meet students on an individual level.  We nurture students as they navigate peer relationships, learn how to show kindness and compassion to their neighbors, and practice respect toward their elders.