Application Process

Step 1: Application Fee and Application

All families who wish to apply to our program will be asked to submit the application fee prior to filling out the application. Once the fee has been received, you will be sent a code to unlock the family handbook. At that time you can access and read the Family Handbook. Once you have read the document, you may fill out and e-sign the application to show that you have read and will abide by the policies laid out in our handbook.


Step 2: Parent Interview and Student Placement Testing

Once the application is received, families will be asked to meet to discuss the general structure and expectations of the program, determine what committee(s) the parents will plan to serve on, and discuss questions that families may have. Additionally, during this time, we will discuss student placement and students will participate in a short initial assessment to help with appropriate placement in reading, writing, and math.


Please bring the following with you to the interview:

  • Immunization Records

  • A sample of your child’s writing.

  • A list of books your child has read in the last year.

  • A check in the amount of your application and testing fees ($50.00/student).

    • Please note that the testing fee is for first year students only​.


Step 3:

  • Following the parent interview and student testing you will be sent a confirmation email that entails your child’s placement.


Admissions Policy

Our tuition rates are set for the year in accordance with student enrollment and student to teacher ratios and therefore are sufficient to cover all expected financial obligations for the year.  As such, when you enroll in the program you are making a financial commitment for the entire school year. If at any time you decide to leave the program you will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition for the year. Any payments made after you would depart from the program would be considered tax deductible. All families all required to sign the letter of financial intent.