Open Houses

Thursday, January 16th 9:00-10:30
March 19th

Please arrive by 9:00 am

Informational Meetings

Thursday, February 20th 
7:00-8:30 pm
April 14th
7:00-8:30 pm

Please arrive by 7:00 pm

"Firm Foundations Academy (FFA) has been a real blessing in our life. This school has provided the best of homeschooling and going to school. I love the classical curriculum and the high standards and experience of the teachers. I can tell my son is enjoying learning because he talks about what he learned later in the week. I also love how the whole school does one historical period together. We are having a great 1st year at FFA. " - Current FFA family

Equipping Students

We equip all students, with an emphasis on teaching those with unique learning styles. We cultivate an environment full of compassion and we provide the tools needed for students to gain confidence and independence.

Encouraging Families

We encourage families by providing a single educational community to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners. We purpose to partner with families in prayer, student advocacy, the pursuit of social and academic goals, and the building of Christian character.

Cultivating Hope


We cultivate hope by partnering with parents and working to understand your child as an individual. We provide therapeutic services to enhance your child's capacity to learn, and promote a nurturing environment where all students are supported, encouraged, and valued.

Firm Foundations Academy