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At Firm Foundations Academy we recognize that all students learn differently and display a variety of strengths and learning needs.  If it is determined that a student displays the need for additional services, we work to meet his or her needs on an individual basis. Following the appropriate testing, our team will meet together to determine the best course of action to promote student success. This may reflect how we approach academics, behavior modification, or teaching social skills. When we have determined which needs to address, your child will be assigned to a tutor or placed in an Educational Therapy program. The tutor/therapist will be in charge of student advocacy within our program. While working within this program students will receive direct instruction in their area of need on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All students will be mainstreamed, or attend classes with their peers. Classroom teachers will be mindful of your child's learning style and appropriate modifications will be made to promote student success. It is our goal that your child gains confidence and competence while attending our program.


What if my child has special learning needs?

What types of learners are we equipped to teach?

At this time all students are assessed on an individual basis.  If a learning need is suspected or reported we will aid your family in obtaining the appropriate testing. We will build an individualized educational plan for your child based on a parent interview, meeting your child, and examining the testing results.


We are currently equipped to serve students with academic struggles in reading, writing, and math. This includes students who are diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. In addition, we serve students who struggle with executive functioning and social skills as well as those who may suffer from anxiety, students who are on the autism spectrum, and students with intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome. Each student is unique, so all students will be assessed on an individual basis.