Equipping Students

​ Courses and instruction in our program aim to provide...

  • instruction rooted in Biblical truth

  • a dynamic learning environment

  • an appeal to all learning styles

  • innovative courses in social and critical thinking to help build character in your children

  • student accountability

  • performance opportunities where students can showcase their gifts 

  • therapeutic services 

​Parents have the opportunity to....

  • receive innovative training related to our core curriculum and therapies

  • participate in a weekly time of devotion, fellowship, and prayer with other parents

  • volunteer as Parent of the Day (POTD)

  • share their triumphs and concerns with our caring and attentive staff

  • connect with other homeschool families

Praying Together

Encouraging Families

Cultivating Hope

New Growth

Within our program we strive to...​

  • provide a nurturing Christian environment where ALL of your children can be served and grow in grace and love

  • serve families who have children who learn differently by employing qualified teachers

  • provide individualized or small group instruction as well as educational therapy and tutorial services